Economies of Speed

Here is one of the best; and simplest; articulations of the levers and elements which drive the core of business transformation and how the keystone for traditional businesses looking to reimagine themselves for the digital/cognitive world can be the move to cloud. 38 minutes which will leave you with a series of elements to focus … Continue reading Economies of Speed

7 flavours of innovation

One of the most important decisions a business (c-suite/board/leadership team/investors) can make is which flavour of innovation is the right fit for their ambition in relation to countering disruption, creating compelling customer product experiences, moving from an analog to a cognitive business and also embracing new business models. There are 7 core flavours of innovation, … Continue reading 7 flavours of innovation

Podcasts and reading list

I was asked to share with my new team at IAG what I listen to and read. Here is the list of podcasts and ‘go to’ books from me: Podcasts a16z: (Andreessen Horowitz): Software is eating the world: – great episode with Tim O’Reilly and Benedict Evans on Platforming the Future: TwiT: (This Week in Tech): … Continue reading Podcasts and reading list

A Simpler Life

Very interesting to read this article –– on @ConversationEDU discussing the ‘footprint’ of the population here in Australia & it made me think about how connectivity, drones, automation & innovation can be used to balance the right ecosystems around us to sustain us. What if you were able to create micro-footprints around the world … Continue reading A Simpler Life

Redesigning Google: the use of design patterns at Google | The Verge

Redesigning Google: how Larry Page engineered a beautiful revolution | The Verge. A great article outlining how for any business (and this is a very successful one!) having a common design language and using design patterns (which, ironically Y! was the leader on many years ago!) across products is what customers expect and deserve.

Digital first isn’t an option for media, it’s the only way forward

Article of the day: Digital first isn’t an option for media — it’s the only way forward — from @gigaom Thoughts from the author: Having worked within The Economist going through large digital focused change (and leading some of it!) I can understand entirely where traditional publishers are coming from … there is a history, … Continue reading Digital first isn’t an option for media, it’s the only way forward