Is the TV now the 2nd screen and the mobile/tablet the primary device? The emotional attachment is greater to the device in the users’ hands than to the screen in the corner.

I think there is a strong case to now say that the TV is device which is secondary in users minds and patterns of behaviours, as interaction and entertainment are channeled through the mobile/tablet device. Whilst looking at the proposition for into_now, it became clear that the opportunities to engage the user were greater through the device in their hand than the TV. There is a barrier in perception and formed behaviour with a TV, which is not there with a mobile/tablet device.

Think about it, what does your own behaviour, or that of those around you, tell you?

Google, The New Multi-Screen World: Understanding Cross-Platform Consumer Behavior.

Sunshine and stickers

Spring is in the air and in Europe there is the prospect of Euro2012 and the Olympics for sport fans to look forward to. Every time there is a large regional or global sporting event, there is one thing nowadays we can guarantee that goes along with it … fans of people who share the same interest wanting to create a ‘crowd’ and share there passions. Also, merchandising and companies taking you closer to the action.

It was with these ideas and concepts that watching a Swiss teenager in Starbucks yesterday adding a new set of stickers into his Panini Euro2012 sticker book set the cogs slowly turning. Panini have been the one and only sticker book to be seen with for these marque sporting events for years, so was not a shock to see that the passion and excitement was still there with this teen, more the point was that it was still a physical book, physical stickers and a very singular experience for him (although he was sorting his swaps … another thought right there).

I am certain there are thousands of teens across Europe undertaking the self same activity to show there passion for football and the great players/teams in the competition, but take the fact it is around football away … well, there is something to ponder there about the emotions, feelings and interactions this has for a person who has an interest, which is shared with others … one I am now pondering.