Platform approach to AI

One of the elements which is ground-breaking in relation to OpenAI and #Microsoft working together is that the vision is to deliver ‘foundational AI’ capability as a platform for others to commercialise, productise and also industrialise. In my mind, this is the key element here. This is taking a small team, iterative science and innovation, scaling this and through … Continue reading Platform approach to AI

Economies of Speed

Here is one of the best; and simplest; articulations of the levers and elements which drive the core of business transformation and how the keystone for traditional businesses looking to reimagine themselves for the digital/cognitive world can be the move to cloud. 38 minutes which will leave you with a series of elements to focus … Continue reading Economies of Speed

Weekend Reads: 3 Tips, Circles of Innovation & Digital Nations

Some weekend reads for those in the world of digital, technology, organisational transformation and beyond. Having worked with 1000s of entrepreneurs, start-ups and scale-ups during my career at AOL, Yahoo!, News Corp and IAG (Insurance Australia Group), it was interesting this week to synthesis my experiences over these years into 3 tips for those just … Continue reading Weekend Reads: 3 Tips, Circles of Innovation & Digital Nations

It’s the slopes that you need to focus on

As every person who has trekked, run, cycled, climbed, or journeyed through foothills, ridges, and mountain ranges, it is the slopes that really test your training, planning, and resilience, plus also may mean you have to change course. This is the same in business transformation, so provides a good analogy for the 5–7 year for … Continue reading It’s the slopes that you need to focus on

Software has eaten your world

Marc Andreessen wrote his article, Why Software is Eating the World, in 2011. Within it were the signals for boards, leaders, and businesses of the world we are in today. This week a number of articles/podcasts have converged in my mind and referenced back to 10 years ago, when, Marc Andreessen wrote in the WSJ his … Continue reading Software has eaten your world

Best reads: May 2020

With the world in lockdown and stepping into the dual world of; dealing with the COVID19 outbreak and also trying work out the ‘next normal’; there has been a lot of uncertainty, anxiety and also, which is good to see, a large degree of thought around the future being better for humankind. This extends to … Continue reading Best reads: May 2020