Status quo has inertia on its side

Organisations want agility, adaptability and experimentation within their operating models, but this means building new muscle memory and changing habits. Muscle memory is one of the strongest drives forces behind organisations, as it is the power behind the people, processes, operating models and platforms which have moved the business to where it is today, so, … Continue reading Status quo has inertia on its side

Kaizen: continuous improvement

Kaizen: a Japanese term meaning “change for the better” or “continuous improvement.” It is a Japanese business philosophy regarding the processes that continuously improve operations and involve all employees. It is based on the belief that everything can be improved and nothing is status quo. It involves identifying issues and opportunities, creating solutions and rolling … Continue reading Kaizen: continuous improvement

Best reads: May 2020

With the world in lockdown and stepping into the dual world of; dealing with the COVID19 outbreak and also trying work out the ‘next normal’; there has been a lot of uncertainty, anxiety and also, which is good to see, a large degree of thought around the future being better for humankind. This extends to … Continue reading Best reads: May 2020

7 flavours of innovation

One of the most important decisions a business (c-suite/board/leadership team/investors) can make is which flavour of innovation is the right fit for their ambition in relation to countering disruption, creating compelling customer product experiences, moving from an analog to a cognitive business and also embracing new business models. There are 7 core flavours of innovation, … Continue reading 7 flavours of innovation

Key skills behind a great product manager

As a daily customer, there are days when I read (or listen) to posts/articles which make me think more about how I operate, think or shape myself in my professional and personal life. You know…when you read something that just hits the spot at the right time and makes you go ‘wow, that is … Continue reading Key skills behind a great product manager

Google’s growing problem: 50% of people do zero searches per day on mobile

Originally posted on The Overspill: when there's more that I want to say:
Amit Singhal in 2011 showing a comparison of search volumes from mobile and “early desktop years”. Photo by Niall Kennedy on Flickr. Amit Singhal, Google’s head of search, let slip a couple of interesting statistics at the Re/Code conference – none…

The future power of newsrooms is in understanding the platform world

I have bumped into this ‘challenge’ over & over again throughout my 20+ year career in digital media. What platform are we creating our content for? How do we make sure our process, tools & technologies are able to adapt & respond to new platforms? Sadly, there are a number of large businesses who are … Continue reading The future power of newsrooms is in understanding the platform world

Embrace your constraints & drive innovation: the value of the hackathon

Having worked at a number of digital businesses who have internal ‘hackathons’ I have always seen the great value of getting diverse teams together, constraining them with either key problems to be solved or time & resources constraints …and then amazed by the creativity & execution which is possible under these conditions. At Yahoo! the … Continue reading Embrace your constraints & drive innovation: the value of the hackathon