Great articles from the past 2/3 weeks

Some great articles to read: Marketing and product design are the same thing by Seth Godin “knowing what product to build is something that both product designers and marketers need to understand intimately in order to do their jobs…the designers in order to design the product and the marketer in order to share the story.” The … Continue reading Great articles from the past 2/3 weeks

Two great pieces on @Medium: must reads

I have to admit, I have not visited Medium for a while to see what new thinking and opinion had been raised there. So, it was refreshing to be interrupted on my Sunday morning by their weekend reads email. Simple, targeted and understanding what is important to me, it hit the spot and lead me … Continue reading Two great pieces on @Medium: must reads

Originally posted on energizr:
What’s the point of doing a roadmap? It doesn’t help get rid of uncertainty (although some people behave like it does). There’s no way to be certain about any future outcome. The act of describing desired future states in a roadmap identifies where we want to play and have impact. It…