Welcome to a new meta

Great to have a new ‘meta’ on the interwebnets with the new platform business behind Facebook, Oculus, Instagram, WhatsApp and more. So hello to meta from can do meta.

Meta Logo

This meta experience has been online since 2007/2008 and is an evolution of my old agenda365.com blog, but Zuckerberg and the team are truly looking ‘beyond’ web3.0, and what any of us imagined possible with technology, even that ‘short’ time ago.

Chris Dixon has written this great piece Why Web3.0 Matters, but the world that is being imagined and defined as the ‘metaverse’ is beyond this decentralised, distributed model to build layers of reality around you, and respond to contextual, behavioural and societal signals to drive your experience.

Be very interesting to see where this moves to, how it is a disruption to traditional boundaries of reality (border based regulation, laws etc) and also a reimagination of the ‘art of the possible’ for all industries.

But …great to have another meta experience join me in your browser and beyond…

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