The future power of newsrooms is in understanding the platform world

I have bumped into this ‘challenge’ over & over again throughout my 20+ year career in digital media. What platform are we creating our content for? How do we make sure our process, tools & technologies are able to adapt & respond to new platforms?

Sadly, there are a number of large businesses who are still not able to answer this question or who have bet the house on a platform which is no longer the most relevant to it’s customers. Storytelling is key to the human race, it has been occurring since the cavemen shared stories around a fire, but they moved to tell stories via cave paintings as they wanted to tell a wider audience, and the rock face was the platform. This has been the evolutionary case over time, with print presses, radio, TV & now digital (and the internet).

As we are now in a world where the mobile internet is THE primary habit for keeping connected, therefore those who are telling stories need to evolve their output and processes to these connected, mobile platforms.

The platform is eating the world (well, mobile video is actually), so therefore media organisation or those who want to tell stories needs to accept this, acknowledge it and then change their newsroom processes and outputs to meet the needs of the customers/readers …well, this will be connected viewers really, but you get what I mean.

This posting on Medium also outlines this challenge, so have a read:

Building platform agnostic newsrooms and platform perfect content

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