Great articles from the past 2/3 weeks

Some great articles to read:

Marketing and product design are the same thing by Seth Godin

“knowing what product to build is something that both product designers and marketers need to understand intimately in order to do their jobs…the designers in order to design the product and the marketer in order to share the story.”

The newsonomics of a news company of the future by Ken Doctor

“Yet news sites need a continuous discovery flow of would-be customers, poured into the top of their data-analysis funnels by Google, Facebook, and others. The great majority are one-and-done “readers.” It’s those who know the publisher brand but aren’t yet ready to fork over several hundred dollars that bear the most attention. For the FT, that middle-of-the-funnel crowd now includes 4.8 million registered users; if you register, you get a little access beyond the FT’s paywall. Readers among that group are the likeliest to become paying customers, and in the meantime can be monetized with better targeted advertising as well. It’s an important point in an increasingly paywalled world: Build registration as well as subscribers.’

Inside Facebook’s Internal Innovation Culture by Reena Jana

“1. Encourage everyone — even those in the C-suite — to learn by making

2. A winning mobile strategy

3. Physically mix up your work environment on a regular basis. “

When the story goes digital

“Analogue systems are small packages of causality. This means that they contain a set of components that are related to each other either chronologically or by way of a hierarchy. Analogue systems give you the whole picture containing all these components and then you have to decide which parts you want to focus your attention on. Think book. Think audio cassette. The various different content units in these media are united by a common theme or source or idea.

Digital systems are cropped versions of these packages. Instead of giving you access to the whole picture, they narrow things down and make you focus on only one thing. This helps avoid clutter and simplify matters by reducing cognitive choice, but it also does away with a lot of context. Think single short story (as opposed to a thematic collection). Think single MP3 file instead of a CD.”

Editor, product manage thyself

“As an editor who gets to work on the product team, I’m empowered to help determine what I think other editors need to tell the story the right way. And when I’m wrong, I’m empowered to go back and try again. This is all quite new at my company, especially when it comes to the Internet, and there are a lot of other pieces to the puzzle I’m still learning about. But it feels like the right direction.”

When people get confused about “BS metrics’

“What is important about a key metric is that it is uniquely tied to the business value of the company and indicates there is some set of growing adoption and usage of that company’s products.”

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