It is better together

Interesting to see that the latest research in relation to multiscreen experiences (from TIme Inc) tells us that people show a greater emotional attachment and engagement to the content on the TV when they are using a companion experience on a mobile or tablet device.

This makes sense, as the companion experience heightens the awareness of the content and also immerses the person more in the experience of the TV show. But, also interesting is that this experience is heightened when shared with another person, either in the room or remotely via social tools.

Also, audio is key to triggering a reaction from the viewer around advertising and this is becoming the same on mobile, tablet and PC as audio becomes a stronger interrupter in peoples daily lives.

Will be working through what this means for the ability of these devices to sense activity and the experience the customer is engaging with, and also what this may look like for mobile, tablet and TV experiences of the future … the screens will all connect, but the emotional attachment may differ based on the moment, task or mood of the viewer.

Here is the infographic from the research … some very interesting jumping off points here:

multi screen effects

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