Facebook to buy WhatsApp? Here’s what could be really interesting about that

A great piece on the world of mobile as it is today. As I have outlined, customers have a huge emotional attachment to their mobile devices, much more than to their laptops/PCs and tablets (will see on the latter over time?) and using these to communicate and share is a primary customer needs and journey.

WhatsApp and WeChat have the Gen Y and teens markets already in their pocket, so for Facebook to be looking at this is not a surprise, and having formulated a ‘need to be relevant on mobile’ M&A hit list, it will be on everyones’.

If this does happen though, this could be a massive threat to Google on the monetisation side in coming years. The customer will be (and are) using these communication (or should we say chat & share) platforms for discovery and as you can see with WeChat, ad dollars are already seeing this opportunity to be where the customers are.

Innovation will be incremental in this space, and there is space for a number of players (this is still not in Tornado), but will be my sure bet to be the biggest growth area in 2013 (adding to it’s up and right of 2011/2012).

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