It shouldn’t be a surprise: mobile first/social first

It has been interesting to see peoples’ and media reactions and responses to the fact that people are now performing the majority of their internet activity and everyday tasks on their mobiles. Some of these are written as if this is a surprise, some as if ‘well, hey, every year they say this is the year for mobile’ (less of these, thank god!) and some are on the nail.

This is where the customers are, so therefore this is where brands, experiences, content, social and shopping need to be … and should have been in 2010.

The evidence is now non-negotiable:




Overall US mobile advertising spending will reach $2.61 billion this year before rising to nearly $12 billion in 2016 – eMarketer

If you are still trying to convince your business that this is the area to invest, then I hear you (finally, my old company is getting there!), but too help you on your way Google (yes, they want you all on Android and using AdMob) have provided all the data you need right here by market. (I know it is from May 2012, but will provide the seed to change minds).

In a business, everyone works on mobile and everyone works on social, be that a digital business or ANY business. Customers expect this, customers ‘get’ this and customers are using this route to market for all of their needs. Therefore if teams or individuals within your business are not thinking this way, then you will be seeing declines in revenues and customer satisfaction starting to hit. Being mobile first/social first should not something new, it should be business as usual, it is just putting the customer first.

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