Is there such a thing as an ‘average’ twitter user?

Great piece of work from beevolve and a good analysis from paidcontent on the profile of the average twitter user.

But I would argue, due the nature of the product and the medium that most tweeters, authors, retweeters & curators of content are posting to their followers and not the ‘mass profile’ of twitter users. I know that twitter is seen as ‘ego broadcast’ and for brands and a number of users they are talking to whole world when they tweet (some should remember that more often, especially sportsmen), but should we factor in this average user when constructing campaigns within twitter or how we write copy for this medium? Anyway, one to mull over …

For those that like the 140 character view of the world, the survey of 36 million users boils down to: under 25, female, iPhone user who has 208 followers and comes from the US, UK or Australia (89, not bad!).

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