Thought from the mountains


One of the most awe inspiring and beautiful views in the world is the Matterhorn on a bright, crisp, sunny morning from Zermatt.

It makes one appreciate your scale in the world at large and also that anything is possible. Will miss the mountains and their beautiful vistas, but taking with you the scale and beauty makes you, as we were saying over the weekend, ‘be more human’

4 thoughts on “Thought from the mountains

  1. Cliff

    Well said. Now I want a Toblerone.

    1. Will send one thru to you, or you can just pick up a small, chocolate version of the Matterhorn when you next pass through a reputable airport terminal Mr Jones.

      1. Reputable? Unlikely.

  2. May be you are correct there … almost any large warehouse type property with planes attached pedals the joys of chocolate triangles from the land of the swiss

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