Death of the PC for 1:1 communication?

This infographic from litmus asks the question; “Has your Audience gone mobile?” and for the majority of user interaction and experience the answers is a resounding ‘yes’, but for 1:1 trusted digital communication (i.e. email and messaging) the answer used to be ‘sort of’. But, this is no longer the case.

The simple and easy interface of the iPhone, the requirement of the gmail account when setting up an Android phone, and the convenience and ‘lean back’ behaviour of tablets has meant that the leading access point to email is now through a mobile interface.

This presents an integrated experience model for product managers and customer experience experts, as the device has a higher emotional attachment for the user, their is an implicit trust of the device, not just the service and can leverage totally cloud and big data platforms. Even if this does present the usual simplicity, cross-device experience and ‘screen estate’ issues, this will hopefully see increased innovation in the 1:1 and 1:few space.

Will your email ever be the same again? One thing which will be interesting to see, is the customer focus challenges, as the Millenials/Gen Y will ‘get’ this all straight away (well, already have and are onto WhatsApp and other mobile messaging), whereas the ‘Baby Boomer‘ (very large user base for email) will have to be considered and retained … all within a single messaging experience (and I don’t mean the current FB messaging!).

This is precisely what Yahoo! has been focused on, and some great advances were made (and will continue to be I am sure), hence the 48% usage within webmail clients (and it includes FB integration!), but the question is, will there be a step change in 1:1 communication and messaging? … and how will this impact the revenues and business models of Microsoft, Yahoo! and even Google and FB?


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