2006, when nokia was it for mobile photos

Mobile photography has changed dramatically (understatement) and reading this article on Hipstamatic and the challenges they have faced in the iPhonography world, made me think about what where some of the first mobile photos I had taken.

2002 is my earliest Flickr image (posted in 2005 after having to delete my account and start again), but taken with my Nikon D50 and I spotted this image from Feb 2006 (you have to love metadata!), which had to be amongst the first mobile photos I had kept and which I had forgotten about and loved at the time. Brighton pier at dusk.

This was taken on my old Nokia n73 which was way ahead of its time when you look back on it, good camera lens, music and internet ‘editions’ and being able to upload to the web straight from the phone … and I know it seems strange now, but not many devices at the time had this, and only 6 years ago, and then over a year later … the iPhone arrived.

No filters, no touch screen focus … just point, click and upload to Flickr … simpler times, I won’t say better, just simpler … less was definitely more.

Happy Friday and good weekends to all

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