Elegance and simplicity

Over the past weeks, whilst research the next challenge, this phrase has risen to the top of my discussion/thoughts/comments over and over again, in relation to digital media and experiences … elegance and simplicity.

So, it was with joy this morning that I read Joshua Porter’s; Principles of User Interaction Design, which simply outlines all the areas where a UX, product or development lead should be focusing when defining, designing and developing multi-screen digital experiences.

Delight comes from the most surprising of places in our lives, and it is those experiences where we just look back at what we have seen and state: ‘that was so obvious, why did no one think of that before’, and as Joshua outlines; “Don’t worry about stating the obvious…the obvious almost never is.” You could delete an email on a mobile phone before, but just swiping across it to do that was obvious, as is just ‘grabbing’ the data with your finger and dragging it … obvious … but also elegant and simple.

I am still struggling with my new Android (not so elegant or simple as the iPhone) but using it has made me consider how good interaction/interface design is just so, well, elegant and simple.

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