One of the most awe inspiring and beautiful views in the world is the Matterhorn on a bright, crisp, sunny morning from Zermatt.

It makes one appreciate your scale in the world at large and also that anything is possible. Will miss the mountains and their beautiful vistas, but taking with you the scale and beauty makes you, as we were saying over the weekend, ‘be more human’


Is the TV now the 2nd screen and the mobile/tablet the primary device? The emotional attachment is greater to the device in the users’ hands than to the screen in the corner.

I think there is a strong case to now say that the TV is device which is secondary in users minds and patterns of behaviours, as interaction and entertainment are channeled through the mobile/tablet device. Whilst looking at the proposition for into_now, it became clear that the opportunities to engage the user were greater through the device in their hand than the TV. There is a barrier in perception and formed behaviour with a TV, which is not there with a mobile/tablet device.

Think about it, what does your own behaviour, or that of those around you, tell you?

Google, The New Multi-Screen World: Understanding Cross-Platform Consumer Behavior.